How 2-part blended training works

Getting the Training You Need

To meet the requirements of any organisation that requires accredited EFAW-F for Forestry, you will need to take our classroom or blended course. EFAW-F for Forestry Blended Part One offers both of these options throughout the UK.

No matter what your requirements, EFAW-F for Forestry Blended Part One delivers the training you need in the way you want. Below are detailed directions outlining how to get the training you need depending on what course requirements you have.

EFAW-F for Forestry Blended Part One Blended Course

The blended course is taught in two segments, the first being an online course followed by a 4-hour classroom session, giving you the required 7 contact hours. You MUST perform part one (online) before you attend the part two (classroom) session.

It is usually a good idea to locate your part two EFAW-F for Forestry course before purchasing your online part one training, but we will find you a course near you if you cannot locate one on our system.

Step 1: Locate a Part 2 EFAW-F for Forestry Course
Step 2: Purchase Part 1 and Part 2
Step 3: Complete Part 1 and attend classroom session
Step 4: You will receive your certification card at the end of the classroom session